Ilyas Seisov

Ilyas Seisov

UI/Web designer and Javascript developer with Master's degree in Computer Science. He helps businesses transform ideas into reality with the power of design and code. Ilyas creates modern, aesthetic web applications and reads minds in a free time.

What is event delegation in JS?

event delegation in JS

Javascript Interview Question #3 Difficulty: MEDUIM Popularity: 2/5 The event delegation in JS is a JavaScript technique where a single event handler is attached to a parent element to manage events for its child elements. This ancestor element listens for…

NPM How to Update Package [Guide] 📘

npm how to update package

In this complete guide you will learn: NPM how to update package. Here I’ve covered the following cases of updating npm packages: In this article you will learn everything you need to know to successfully update your npm package 😊…